Attributes of a Professional Surety Bond Producer

Reprinted from ABC’s Construction Executive Surety Bonding Section – November 2006.

  • Licensed professional knowledgeable in surety
  • Reputation for integrity and respect
  • Personal interest in contractor’s success
  • Offers sound business advice
  • Maintains communication between the contractor and the surety
  • Reviews financial documents
  • Reviews completed contracts, current contracts, and proposed bids
  • Builds solid relationships with underwriters
  • Understands the construction industry
  • Experience in strategic planning
  • Actively involved in construction and surety industry associations
  • Advises how to increase bonding capacity
  • Offers new ideas and business solutions
  • Understands compensation and payment terms
  • Ready resource for referrals to other professional service providers such as CPAs, lenders, and attorneys.
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